BPO jobs and REO listing business has been a godsend for many real estate agents today. If you have not tapped into the opportunity presented in today's market, it's not too late! Whether you are interested in BPO jobs, BPO companies or becoming an REO listing agent, with the right resources, you can jump start yourself to success

BPO jobs with BPO companies are a way to make some money between closings. A BPO is a broker price opinion, and they are used by banks and hard money lenders to value properties either without having to order a full appraisal, or in addition to a full appraisal. There are a number of BPO companies out there, and you can make $50-100 per BPO job done typically. Click here(link to for a complete resource on over 100 BPO companies, how to find BPO jobs, BPO forms, how to guides and more.

Another niche market that many agents are taking advantage of is the REO market. Becoming an REO listing agent on a bank owned property often times gives you the leverage to price a property at a price point that will allow it to sell. Additionally, you can also get repeat business from the bank as an REO listing agent. Both are a benefit of listing REO and bank owned property. Knowing where to find these listings is key, but once you have made the contacts the benefits can be substantial.

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We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area and specialize in alternative, non-institutional financing. Our loans are typically funded by individual investors or groups. Our hard money loans are asset based and are secured by real estate located within California. We do not make consumer loans - our loans are for investment and business purposes only. We are fully licensed and have years of experience. Contact us anytime Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm to discuss the options we can provide for your specific scenario at 877 462 3422.