California Hard Money Loans

California hard money loans are our specialty. We can help provide financing for both Northern and Southern California properties of all types. We only do hard money loans in California, and have the resources to get your project funded fast.

For a hard money loan in California these days, we look at a couple of factors. Typically the maximum loan to value is 65% as determined by an appraisal, although we can sometimes go as high as 75% on acquisitions. We do not make hard money loans for owner occupied residential property these days.

For our CA borrowers we can work with stated income situations, although we do want to know that there is the ability to repay and/or a strong exit strategy. We are in the business of helping our clients, not making loans that will end up needing foreclosure help.

The rates offered vary from deal to deal. It is always best to call us to discuss your specific hard money loan scenario. Our hard money loans are typically interest only or amortized over 30 years with a balloon due, depending on the clients needs. We can help fund hard money loans in California for both residential and commercial properties as well as finance based on the ARV for construction or rehab transactions.

Prepayment penalties are negotiable, depending on the loan program. Most loans carry a prepayment penalty for the first twelve months or less. 12 month, 6 month and no prepayment penalty programs are fairly standard. In many situations, taking a longer prepayment penalty can potentially reduce your interest rate. If the prepayment penalty period is of importance to you, please be sure to let us know so we can arrange financing that will meet your specific needs.

For more information about our California hard money loans, or to talk about a particular scenario, please contact us via phone or email. We will return any messages or emails within 24 business hours, and you can rest assured that we will not sell or distribute your personal information. We specialize in California hard money loans, and can help secure a loan on most property types located in the state. Call today - 877 462 3422.

If you are looking to explore your hard money options, please give us a call today at

  877 462 3422.
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We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area and specialize in alternative, non-institutional financing. Our loans are typically funded by individual investors or groups. Our hard money loans are asset based and are secured by real estate located within California. We do not make consumer loans - our loans are for investment and business purposes only. We are fully licensed and have years of experience. Contact us anytime Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm to discuss the options we can provide for your specific scenario at 877 462 3422.