Central Coast Hard Money

The Central Coast region of California stretches between San Francisco and Los Angeles. It encompasses Santa Cruz, San Benito, Monterey, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties and offers some of the most scenic beaches in the state. Mostly known for its agriculture, the area is also a great tourist destination for people from all over. Featuring such well-known sites such as Hearst Castle and Pebble Beach as well as Cannery Row, the Central Coast has many desirable areas that our investors love.

Our hard money loans for Central Coast properties are pretty straightforward. They are equity-based loans, so if you have the equity available in your property we can structure a loan for you. While our loans are equity based, we do require basic paperwork in our files, including a loan application and credit report. Our financing is not credit driven, so a poor credit score will not preclude us from helping you obtain a loan. In addition, we do not cap the number of properties any of our borrowers can own.

Typically the maximum loan to value on properties in the Central Coast area maxes out at 65%, although there are some scenarios where we can go higher. Additionally, on purchases our loan to value is based on the purchase price - with the exception of rehab transactions. For short-term rehab loans we are able to lend up to 65% of the future value of the property.

We can help with almost any property type located in this region of California. Contact us today to speak with someone about your Central Coast loan request. We are available Monday through Friday and are always happy to take the time to discuss your needs and how we can meet them.