Hard Money Rehab Loans

We facilitate rehab loans in California. We can help get you approved for up to 100% of the acquisition cost, capping out at 60-65% of the after repair value for the work to be done. Typically the after repair value is determined through comps, site visits and/or appraisals.

The major benefits of our hard money rehab loans include the ease of access to your fund controlled money and the aggressive nature of our valuation. In addition, we also have the ability to help secure equity investors or gap financing for your project, potentially allowing for financing with little or no cash required by you.

The draw process we use does not require third party inspections. Funds can be released in advance, so you will not need to pay upfront or out of pocket to get the rehab done, and then be reimbursed. Instead, we can advance the money for work to be done. This saves time, and saves the amount of cash out of pocket you must use to see a project through to completion.

Secondly, our valuation process does not rely on third party appraisers. We value the property using like comps and a site visit. Our investors are aggressive, and will compare apples to apples. You will not have a value reduced due to an appraisal using bank owned sale comps or short sale comps. We give a true after repair value from which to base a loan on.

Finally, we have built relationships with some equity partners and gap financers. Depending on your transaction, we may be able to structure a loan that will require little to no cash out of pocket for you as the borrower.

This rehab loan program does not have a minimum credit score required, but major credit issues will need to be explained (bankruptcies, foreclosures, etc.). For more details on this program and other options we can provide, please visit our California rehab loans page.

Once you are approved, funding can take place in about 2 weeks. Contact us directly for more information, or email us the following information and we will be able to discuss and put together specific options available for your particular scenario.

Once we have this information we will respond within 24 hours with a loan breakdown specific to your transaction.

If you are looking to explore your hard money options, please give us a call today at

  877 462 3422.
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We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area and specialize in alternative, non-institutional financing. Our loans are typically funded by individual investors or groups. Our hard money loans are asset based and are secured by real estate located within California. We do not make consumer loans - our loans are for investment and business purposes only. We are fully licensed and have years of experience. Contact us anytime Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm to discuss the options we can provide for your specific scenario at 877 462 3422.