Sacramento Hard Money Loans

When looking for Sacramento hard money lenders it is important to work with someone who knows and understands the area. While Sacramento is the capital of the Golden State, it was also hit hard by the real estate market downturn. We are within driving distance of Sacramento, and are able to help on residential, commercial, mixed use, rehab, land, construction and other types of real estate transactions.

We specialize in alternative financing, and our loans are based on the loan to value ratio of the property. Because of our proximity to the Sacramento area, we are typically able to get loans underwritten and funded quickly. In addition, we are able to provide after repair value, or ARV based loans for fix and flip projects in the area. For these loans we use a true after repair value of the property rather than an under-market value based on distressed sales that can artificially deflate the true market value of a private party sale on a home that has been upgraded or rehabbed.

Some of the more popular neighborhoods in Sacramento include East Sacramento, South Land Park, Land Park, Boulevard Park and Pocket. In addition, Midtown, Mansion Flats and Poverty Ridge boast some of the higher resale values in the city. We can help with a hard money loan in most areas of the city, from the locals mentioned above to the lower priced neighborhoods such as Fruitridge Manor, Old North Sacramento and Parkway.

If you are looking for a hard money loan in Sacramento, give us a call or complete our loan inquiry form. We will respond quickly and give you an honest assessment of your transaction and how we can help. Typically speaking if the loan to value fits within our guidelines we can structure a loan that can help.