Tahoe Hard Money Loans

Tahoe is a specialized region when it comes to hard money lenders. Many lenders do not lend in this area, either due to the location being too far away to drive in a short amount of time or due to the lack of understanding the Tahoe real estate market. We can help with most property types located in Tahoe and the surrounding areas.

Tahoe is a unique area, and the properties located in the region can be just as unique. Another issue many hard money lenders have with Tahoe properties is the land that many properties sit on. Not only can we help finance unique cabin properties that sit on large parcels, but we can also help finance raw land in the area. Whether the property is a cookie cutter SFR or a cabin off the grid, if there is equity available we can likely help fund your transaction.

In addition to land, we can also help finance second homes, motels, bed and breakfast properties, vacation rentals, commercial properties, mixed use properties, rehab properties, construction completion and even high-end luxury homes. If there is lendable equity available in your Tahoe property we can likely help you obtain non-traditional financing based on that equity.

Rates on our Tahoe hard money loans can start in the single digits and go up from there. The main factor in determining what we can do for your transaction is the equity available in the home. Each transaction in this area is likely to be unique, so please call us directly to discuss your property, goals and loan request. We will be happy to let you know how we can help!